After many years of performing throughout the world, Mark and Clark were asked to perform In Las Vegas, Nevada, performing in Las Vegas' most famous Hotel, Casinos.

They had worked many years for Joel Fishman in Atlantic City with Donald Trump at

The Harrah's at Trump Plaza. Joel invited Mark and Clark to perform at a new Hotel Casino Called Excalibur in Las Vegas. They decided to move out there to open a new showroom, but were called back to Atlantic City by Dennis Gomes, the CEO of Tropicana Hotel and Casinos In both Atlantic City and Las Vegas. After a 2 month contract in A.C.

They were asked to stay on for another two years at the Tiffany Showroom. Which, was one of Atlantic City's Premiere show clubs. They were hailed as one of the best acts in that city, with accolades, and sold thousands of CD's of their music to their audiences. .


After their contract was up, they were invited by Richard Sterm, the head of entertainment Of the Mirage properties in Las Vegas, to perform shows at the entire Mirage facilities, such as MGM Grand; New York, New York; Bellagio, and Monte Carlo, as well as other famous casino resorts in the Las Vegas vicinity. Paris, Venetian, Caesar’s Palace, Imperial Palace, Desert Inn, The Stratosphere, They also performed on many national convention projects there as well.


In 2004, Mark and Clark opened their own Las Vegas Showroom, at the Tuscany Hotel and Casino. They shared the showroom with Legendary: Gallagher, (Watermelon, Sledgematic Man) After a successful run, they were asked to come back to Florida, where their new success began.


International travel was important to them, however, you can fly anywhere in the world from Orlando, Florida, as well as Las Vegas.


In 2007, when they moved back was the beginning of a new era for “The Mark & Clark Show”. They have been performing for the most exclusive country clubs, yacht clubs, and senior citizen communities, and manufactured home parks, the past two years. Their reputation in these communities have become so successful, that they have decided to branch out to other areas, throughout the US, at the same type of communities.

They are working presently to procure engagements in the Carolina's for the summer seasons.
They have also presented shows in the Arizona areas for the same type of communities, with a tremendous reception. They will appear there in the near future again.


This is the new Mark and Clark, and they have found a new niche, with these wonderful

people, who continue to admire them, and respond with 3 and 4 standing ovations at every performance.


They were contacted by the CBS organization in the Netherlands, to film a special TV

show there for New Year's Eve 2008. The reason being, that they were still in the top

100 of the charts over there, with their hit CBS song: “The Worn Down Piano”, from their

hit CBS album in the 70's: “DoubleTake”.


What will be next for “Mark and Clark” ? You have to see them to believe them!!!!


The late columnist Forrest Duke described them as having “the flash of Liberace, a lot of Jerry Lee Lewis, and the piano artistry of Ferrante and Teicher.”  Renowned entertainer/pianist Victor Borge called them “two of the most talented pianists I have ever seen.”  Variety said, “Razzmatazz pizzazz, the pair perform on twin Baldwins, on the keys as well as on top of the Grands.  It’s one of those super-flash acts with elements of hot style, bombast, pseudo-classical-pops…”


However one chooses to describe them, it goes without saying that audiences will do a doubletake at the enormous talents of the “Original Twin Piano Twins,” Mark & Clark.  Identical twins who play (head-to-head specially built Baby Grands), sing, and do everything from musical comedy to the dramatic interpretation of the classics, their highly personable and dynamic entertaining style has enthralled audiences throughout the world.  They have played Europe, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Japan, the Panama Canal, South America, Mexico and every state in the United States, as well as numerous islands.

Mark & Clark are not only incredible high-energy performers but their talents extend to composing as well. Their first album, “Doubletake,” on Columbia Records, went gold in five countries in Europe.  Produced by Ron Dante, who produced all of Barry Manilow’s hits, the songs were all originals and, except for two, were penned by Mark & Clark.

Dante himself wrote a song for the LP with Lieda Snow, “Jigsaw Woman,” which became the first single off the album and made it into the Top 40 on the Billboard charts in America.. While that was happening, Mark & Clark’s self-composed pride and joy, “The Worn Down Piano,” went to Number 1 in several countries in Europe and stayed there for 17 weeks.  Actually, because of its length, it was both Number 1 and Number 2 at the same time on some charts!  The song is still on some of the European charts.

Since then, the twins have also recorded albums on their own label, Twinco, and have sold as many as half a million records in their career through concerts and nightclubs alone.

It all began when they were just kids -- Mark & Clark Seymour have been playing piano since the age of 4.  At first, the family only had one piano and the boys would practice separately everyday.  When they turned 16, their father bought them a second piano and the twins decided to put the two musical instruments together.  It was then that they became an act.

While working their way through college at Ohio State, Mark & Clark performed at the opening of a new club called the Jai Lai, where they ended up appearing for a year.  While subsequently appearing at another club in Canton, Ohio, Ed Pucci, a friend of the owner’s came in and saw them perform.  Pucci, an ex-bodyguard of Frank Sinatra’s, told Mark & Clark to go to California and see another friend of his, Joey Bishop.  The twins went on a whim, without an appointment, and thanks to the power of Pucci’s name, received an audition.  Bishop was duly impressed with the duo and gave them an immediate appearance on “The Joey Bishop Show.”

That opened the door to numerous national TV appearances, including others on “The Joey Bishop Show” as well as on “The Merv Griffin Show,” “The Mike Douglas Show” (one on which Jackie Gleason co-hosted with Mike and introduced the twins as his “find”), and “The Joe Franklin Show” in New York.  Mark & Clark also have appeared on TV specials on all three major networks.

Eventually the pair made their way to Las Vegas, where their first appearance was at The Frontier, which had just been purchased by Howard Hughes.  Mark & Clark were given a month’s gig in The Circle F Theatre, for which they hired a local drummer, Buddy Charles, and a girl singer named Bonnie Valentine.  Later on, they heard rumors that the movie “The Fabulous Baker Boys” was patterned after them and that period of their career, but they could never confirm them.

At the Frontier, the duo played a nighttime show alongside Jackie Leonard the first week, Vic Damone the second week, and Frank Sinatra Jr. the following two weeks.  But they also did a show every afternoon, from 2 p.m.- 3 p.m., -- for ONE customer, the same customer every day who would sit in the dark in the back of the room.  Finally, on the last day of their engagement, a tall gentleman with a mustache, dressed in cowboy clothes and a large-brimmed cowboy hat, approached the stage, told the boys he enjoyed their music, and then was quickly escorted out the side door by a guard.  When Mark & Clark asked the hotel sound man if he knew the gentleman, they were told,  “No, but that was Howard Hughes’ personal bodyguard escorting the man out the door.”

Down the road, Mark & Clark played other Las Vegas engagements, including performing in a revue with Phyllis Diller, who personally asked them to join her show at the Tropicana.  Later on, they did a stint at the Dunes (which was arranged through Sinatra pal Jilly Rizzo) and also played Maxim’s, going on several years down the road to play the Desert Inn.  Most recently, they have appeared at the MGM Grand, the Orleans, the VooDoo Lounge at the Rio and the London Club at the Aladdin.

During their career, at different periods of time, Mark & Clark owned three of their own clubs in Florida.  One, Mark & Clark’s Keyboard Cabaret in Pompano Beach, was the hottest spot in South Florida for five years and THE place to be seen.  Stars such as Goldie Hawn, Cheech and Chong,  Mac Davis, Eric Clapton, Joe Namath, Frankie Valli, the Righteous Brothers, the Pointer Sisters, Paul Lynde, Evil Knieval, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jason Miller, Victor Borge, Jackie Gleason, and Phyllis Diller, to name a few, would frequent the club and would get up and jam with the twins.

The club’s reputation extended far and wide.  In fact, Elvis Presley once called the Keyboard Cabaret to wish Jerry Lee Lewis happy birthday (and Lewis left him hanging on the line for 10 minutes before he answered!). During this time, Mark & Clark received the Florida Association for Entertainment News’ awards for Top Nightclub Act and Entertainers of the Year.  Burt Reynolds presented the awards to the twins at a huge awards dinner.

In 1989, Mark & Clark were hired to play Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, owned by entrepreneur Donald Trump.  Before leaving for the gig, they received a call from Barbara Sinatra asking them to perform at a 500-person $10,000-a-plate charity fundraising dinner in New York, along with John Denver. After performing and receiving a standing ovation, Mark & Clark turned over the stage to Denver, who was playing solo and doing a lot of his country songs.  The bored audience began yelling, “Bring back Mark & Clark.”  Afterwards, the twins were invited to a private function for close friends in the Sinatra suite.

Meanwhile, back in Atlantic City, Mark & Clark were initially brought in for four weeks and ended up staying for three years, turning Trump’s Lounge into their own room.  Every star that headlined Atlantic City  -- such as Danny Thomas, Rich Little, Harry Guardino, Chita Riviera and Donald O’Connor just for starters -- would come in and see Mark & Clark’s show and bring guests.  Just as it happened at the Keyboard Cabaret, the stars would get up on the stage and jam with the guys.   As for Trump, he would fly Mark & Clark all over to do special shows for his friends and associates.

Through the years, Mark & Clark also performed for Harrah’s in three of its locations - Reno, Lake Tahoe and Atlantic City.  In 1997, they did a three-month tour as the featured performers in Dick Foster’s “Spellbound,” traveling to Osaka, Tokyo and Manila with the show.  (They even learned to speak Japanese and used it in their performance.)  Following that, they became the star attraction on major cruise lines and, for three years, traveled the world from Portugal to London, South Africa, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico, the Hawaiian Islands, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China.

After an engagement at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, where they were held over for two years, 1998-2000, Mark & Clark moved to Las Vegas, from where they continued to travel the world entertaining.  The duo also continues to perform corporate dates for as many as 3,000 people and does the Florida condo circuit every year.

The twins have written a Broadway show called “The Switch” and are pursuing that in addition to an idea they have for a sitcom.  Currently, there is a movie documentary in the works about their lives.  Mark & Clark are also definitely one for the book -- they are in “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” for their amazing psychic powers that allows them to switch roles on stage without ever learning each other’s lines.

To watch a Mark & Clark performance is to double your enjoyment and double your fun. But there’s no doubt about it - once you see this duo on stage, you won’t have to think twice about the meaning of unique and unsurpassed talent and entertainment.